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Work life in the US presents many challenges. With years of experience working with foreign professionals across a range of industries, Omni gives you the English communication and cultural skills you need to meet you and your team’s goals and expectations.

Our approach includes needs assessment and analysis, partnership with supervisors and team members, fine tuning
of your written and spoken English, cross-cultural insights, performance coaching, and more. 

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Assessment & Analysis

and document review

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Refined English Skills

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persuasion, presentation

Our Mission

OMNI’s mission is to help foreign professionals in the SF Bay Area improve their English communication skills as well as their knowledge, strategies, and cultural understanding so that they can succeed.

Courses include:

Writing for emails, internal and client-facing documents

Effective presentation skills geared to your role and company

Pronunciation, speaking, and grammar

Cross-cultural skills training

Flexible scheduling

Personalized client-specific metrics & resources

Job interview preparation

Omni will help you learn to communicate in English more clearly and concisely and present your business ideas with more power, clarity, and nuance.

You will also improve your understanding of the dynamics and expectations of an American workplace and how to leverage your strengths in the US business cultural context.

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Client Testimonials

Paul Asadov

I have been a working in a field of residential architecture, design and construction for over a decade. Although I feel confident speaking English there is always a room for improvement.

His knowledge, creativity and his great personality made this process into a very enjoyable adventure for me. He is a great personal coach and outstanding English tutor. Kevin is very passionate about his work and he gets himself involved in the process. I truly thankful for the outstanding support and incredible help that he made very enjoyable.

Paul Asadov
Residential Architecture and Design

Yves LeVot

I work at CRA (a management consulting firm). For my program, we focused mostly on writing (style, grammar and punctuation) as well as some de-wording. All these skills are very important to master in a client-facing, fast paced business. After a couple of months results were already showing, which led to positive feedback from my colleagues!

All in all, I had a great experience and would definitely recommend Omni and Kevin for English tutoring.

Yves LeVot
Associate Charles River Associates

Woosung Kang

I’ve had the awesome opportunity to work with Kevin since February. As a foreign-born designer, my biggest challenge was that I’m not familiar with Western culture, especially in the work place. I used to be very quiet in meetings, check-ins, and any kind of meet-ups because I was afraid of ruining it by making grammatical mistakes.
Through more sessions, I was able to learn techniques for clarifying topic points in meetings when it’s not clear to me or when I’m struggling to understand what’s going on. If I hadn’t studied with Omni, I would still be in many unclear work situations, which is quite stressful. I’m truly grateful for Kevin’s helping me improve my situation at Pinterest!

Woosung Kang
South Korea,

Rita Lee

I work as a director of research in investments and wealth management. I originally contacted Kevin because I wanted to improve my public speaking and presentations, as well as become more confident in building rapport with clients in casual communication.

Rita Lee
Director of Research,
VP Brouwer & Janachowski

Kimberly Fellman

Kevin recently worked with one of my reports and the results have been great. He has been immensely beneficial in breaking down what work needed to be done and the cultural reasoning behind it. He has allowed me to approach my management from a different angle and my report is doing better than ever!

Kimberly Fellman
Manager Production Design,

Case Study

Pinterest, San Francisco


Pinterest, Inc. is an American social media web and mobile application company. 


Foreign-born designer struggled with describing concepts and ideas in detail and complexity. He also needed to improve vocabulary and learn advanced speaking structures. Furthermore,he needed to contribute more in meetings and work independently and proactively. In general, the desired goals were improved communication skills, more contribution, enhanced ability to work through ambiguity, and more assertiveness.


My assessment interviews of client, colleagues and supervisors showed need for language instruction and assertiveness coaching, as well as cross-cultural and communication training. Sessions focused on better organization and presentation of ideas, how to contribute actively in meetings, and how to be more proactive and independent within job scope.


Client achieved a better understanding of team expectations and was able to work and communicate more effectively within his role and in an American business setting. Manager gained an understanding of cultural factors affecting performance issues.

Bay Area Partnerships

Interview Skills Preparation

If you’re currently looking for a job in the U.S., Omni can help! Our Personalized sessions include:

How to differentiate yourself, get more job opportunities, and impress HR

How to get past the phone interview

How to answer difficult questions

Customizing your cover letter and interview to each company

Which questions to ask the interviewer

How to use job posts and requirements to your advantage

Many other important tips and techniques

"Before the interview sessions with Omni, I never even got past the initial phone screenings, and I'd gotten no interview offers. But since working with Kevin, I’ve passed the interviews, and I've gotten a few offers for my ideal position. Highly recommended!" Ellie Wang, Data Scientist, Taiwan